Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gmail deny access to my own mails

Last week I was trying to go through my old attachment in gmail, since their online scanner failed it denied access to my own mail data. That's when I realized that though Gmail is public email service provider. If they approve access only you can read your own mails. I really couldn't accept the fact that someone can deny access to my own data.

I just want to learn from other is there any one undergone same problem?

I am afraid that all of us opening doors and giving access to others to control our own data. Also, when our regular site is down, we realize the importance of having those online fed data in our desktop.

Though our broadband penetration is growing, speed is going up and rates are coming down. I personally feel there is always a need to access offline as well.

test message

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Google make money by killing your privacy!

Google grown phenomenally last few years; I don't know how many people know how Google make money?  Google's drive revenue through advertising and licensing; Advertising alone contributes approximately more than 95% of company's annual revenue. Remaining less than 5% revenue comes from licensing & others. Advertising revenues includes from Google Web Sites and Google Network Web Sites.
  • Google AdWords is an automated online program that enables advertisers to place targeted text-based and display ads on Google web sites and Google Network web sites.
  • Google AdSense refers to the online programs through which they distribute advertisers' AdWords ads for display on the web sites of Google Network as well as programs to deliver ads on television.
                 Google AdSense programs include AdSense for Search and AdSense for Content.
  • AdSense for search is their online service for distributing relevant ads from advertisers for display with search results on their Google Network web sites.
  • AdSense for content is their online service for distributing ads from advertisers that are relevant to content on our Google Network web sites.
Google AdSense encourages everyone to display targeted text and image ads in their content/search/feeds and earn revenue out of it.

Most of them not aware that Google buries your privacy in this revenue and it also make money out of it. Google develop every products to accelerate their revenue stream as every other company does. As a layperson, we need to be aware that using every Google product & services is giving an opportunity for them to make money by killing our own privacy. How many of us knew that by using Google Chrome/ GMail / Blog, we are giving extra mileage to share our data with advertisers? Google will now have total control over our web experience from the time we open Chrome to time we shut down.

Looking at this I feel Microsoft is far better by selling proprietary software at higher cost and least bother to intervene in our privacy. I don't think we need to give up our privacy in the name of collaboration.

Guys, be aware of it!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


After Jaipur blast, I thought our state government and central securities will be tighten to safe guard the people of India. But we haven't seen any increase in security measures which can be clearly shows off by continuous serial bomb blast in various important cities in India. Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi, & Surat are victim of these serial blast. Though the government officials are working hard to secure the people of nation. We got to think for a second why all this happening? Is there any force against Indian democracy? Why the target only common man? If they really want to threaten the Indian government they should go and drop the bombs in corrupted politicians home.

Now there is serious thinking in every Indian common man's mind is Whether we have bandwidth to fight against this evil spirit? Religious terrorism in growing day by day. Spreading across the location and trying to separate the Indian minds? Is it something did by someone who does not have interest on Indian's growth? I think entire security and police personnel should be changed in their way of action. We need to have control or track on each streets or lanes of Indian cities to have a secure environment. Will it happen. The fast we act, the fast we can secure our growth. Will Indian government officials turn this 'B' blast to growth blast? As a Indian I feel bad when our own innocent country men were killed for no reason.

As a growing economy we need to get our act together to fight against this evil. I am sure there is huge challenging against us to change the way people thinks but at the same time if we work collectively I am sure we can.


Jai Hind!

Monday, September 29, 2008

RTVL Invested in Suvidhaa Infoserve

Reliance Technology Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners India have invested an undisclosed amount in Mumbai-based Suvidhaa Infoserve Pvt Ltd, which has a technology that helps people make daily transactions such as railway ticketing, mobile recharge, air ticketing, insurance payment, bill payment, bus ticketing, movie ticketing and so on.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sequoia Capital Invests Rs 29 Crore In SatNav

Hyderabad based SatNav Technologies has received $7 million (Approx Rs 29 crore) in a first round of funding by Sequoia Capital.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008